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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sorry my has been ages since i last updated my blog.. i was too lazy n busy..alrite, i'll fullfill u guys wish now.. =D muahaha!!
Well, i went to Australia on december 8th..
there are some pictures of me n my brother (Gigoli) when v were in Changi airport.. too bad v were heading to a different place, or else v will chat throughout the nite in the plane =(

After 7 or 8 hours flight, finally me n my family reached Melbourne..after v clean up ourself, v went to have our 1st meal..alrite, that was the 1st meal i had in Melbourne- the Vietnam food.. well, the Koay Teow Soup is good but the pork rice n the poh pia were kinda disappointing!!

Atually i dun really remember what i've done in i'll just post the photos and add some descriptions on it alrite? Oh yea, b4 i 4gt, i really beh tong both of my sis.. they go till where take pictures till where..!! food oso wana take.. everytime when the food v ordered come, they will take the photos of the food.. at 1st i still can tahan, but they did the same thing EVERYTIME!! "everyone's patience has a LIMITTTTT!!!!" the same thing repeated EVERY SINGLE DAY n EVERY SINGLE MEAL!!!!! until....... one time my blood pressure goes up!!! i immediately F them : " MAI HIP LIAO LA!! JIAK PUN BEH CHENG!!! " To be translated , eng = Don't take photos d la! Eat also no peace!!! =D!!

Aiya, i am all messed up with what i did and where i went on the days. so to ease it, i'll just talk according to the pics i got..

well well well, this is Port Melbourne. it was a real windy day when i visited there, bloody cold alright? hmm, i was told that it supposed to be summer in AUSTRALIA!! YES, it was summer BUT it was around 16 degrees. We as Malaysians who are used to the hot weather here, canot stand the cold there. We had to wear jackets and all but i see those Australian aboriginals wearing singlets and short pants walking on the street .. how cool hurr ? =D...oh yeah, the Fish n Chips sold in one of the shop in Port Melbourne is real nice.. yummy~~well, from the pictures below, u all can see how nice the Fish n Chips =D

Well, the pictures below are the small houses on the beach, it is specially for those fisherman , fishmonger, fishcatchers, fishloversssss to rest in old days =D hahaha..nice hurr? so colourful =D Its quite hard for ppl not to take picture when see such a nice view, so i took some cool pictures with those houses..

Actually, the main purpose of me n family goin to Aus is to attend my sis's graduation ceremony. Half of me is proud as my sis has officially graduated and is now with a degree.~ How nice ~.. The other half of me is stressed as im sure my parents are going to expect the same or more from me as they know im much more smarter !! =D hahahaha...
(haha, i look good with the cap hurr ? really suit me..=D)

Another day in Melbourne.......To avoid inconvenience, we rented a car. We then went to Victoria market in the morning. Its one of the famous tourist spot in Melbourne. There were many good food sold there... as u all know that food is my life, i can say that its probably one of the best place i have visited in this trip..HAHAHA!!! oh yeah.. dun misunderstand okie ? the market in australia is not like malaysia, u wun smell the stink or weird smell in the market like what v smell in malysia.. n the floor is cleaner than our malaysia's shopping mall floor!! haha..the seafood n the vegetables is all very fresh n well kept..!! well, v had our breakfast there, the burger there was so much different with the burger in malaysia..~from the picture u all can see ady..~ well, which 1 better? OF CUZ AUSSIE's burger lar...!!!
(The clean market~ the fresh seafoods and vegetables..!)
(my breakfast.yummy~ fattening!!)

After visited Victoria Market, we went to the memorable of ANZAC which stands for A....N...Z...A....C.... ermmm, atually i also don't know..paisehh fanss!!! =D.. nothing much here atually, lets skip!!!
This is the strawberry farm i went!! well, to pluck those strawberry, i had to pay 8 bucks n i could pick any strawberries i wan and as many as i like.. atually not as many as i like.. but u noe la.. malaysian very TAM SIM... so, 1 small box for us is not enuf.. so my sis n my mom pluck those strawberries and put inside their handbag!! haizzzz..MALAYSIAN... haizzzzzz!!!!

There are sumthing that i would never believed in my life which made me believe it eventually!! This is really a SMALL WORLD!! Guess what? My sis's good friend (Lynette) who studies in Melbourne has a lil sis and i happen to know her sis (Yee Min) ANDDDDD her sis is wanqi's cousin..!!! okie okie... well, one day, me n my sis and their whole family took a trip to Philip Islands together and guess what again????????????? Its really a SMALL WORLD man!!! WHY???? (content deleted) <3>
(Me n the cute donkey)
(haha..let me introduce... this small little kid is YEEMIN~ she also took a picture with my brother~)
well, go to Australia Zoo, sure got take picture with the famous KANGAROO n KOALA n the SHEEP...i'll just post the pictures of me n KANGAROO because the pictures of me n KOALA not reli satisfy =D..altho in real life im so much cuter than KOALA, but the pictures i took was not.. so.......!!
(This parrot very luan... keep calling "LAM FONG..LAM FONG.." when he saw nvm lar.. cincai take picture with him.. so he wun luan me!! )
Okie, stop it about COLIN of the Donkey or parrot or the zoo...We then proceeded to the seagull search..But unfortunately there wasn't even oneee.!!! haizzz!!!! b4 i 4gt, yeemin's dad was super strong!! he is really a HERO.... he just wearing a POLO T n walking all the way while every1 of us was trying to hide behind each other to block the wind because its so windy n so cold there!!
(Yeemin, Lynette and my 2nd sis!) ( me n the little girl )
Then, we went to visit the penguinss.. but we werent allowed to take some pics of it as it would scare the penguins away..ALRIGHT, let me explain why.. cuz most cameras have ultraviolet rays. as we have learned in physics, ultraviolet rays coming from the flashlights and it will directly make the penguins go blind as the lens of the penguin are sensitive and are not able to resist the high frequency of the ultryrays..hahaha!!! i'll explain more if u all want to know more okie!?? okok... NEXT!!!!!
atually ntg much... BUT BUT BUT BUT .. i found sumthing interesting when i look back the camera album n i decided to share with my fansss!!!!!!!!
well well welll,my whole family is a 100% buddist..!! read carefully... 100% buddist...!!!atually i not sure is Taoist or buddist...haiya..whateve...!! =D.. look what my sister doing!!
(feel like whacking her!!! pattern alot... haha... atually she just wan to take some nice photos lar!! hahaha..too much too much!!=D )
OKLA...too much to say about MELBOURNE .. lets skip everything and go into SYDNEY and GOLDCOAST....To all my fans....Give me time to update k ? im lazy =D bye bye =D

Paiseh Fans, if the pictures too small.. click on it and u can have a clearer n bigger view of it... i lazy change to a bigger size liao.. paiseh =DD